We rush you to reassure – our service will allow you to exchange e-currency without risks and fuss.
To do this, just sеlect the currency you want to send in the left column and the currency you need to get in the right.
In the newly opened form, you have to fill in all the necessary data (amounts, details) and follow the prompts of the system.
Exchange currency on our service – it’s easy and simple.
If you still have any questions – contact the operator of the site in the online chat.
We will be happy to help!

Best regards,
exchange-btc™ team
Digital money exchange service

Some of our clients try to Exchange small amount. 
For there HELP we have arrange small exchange system.
 Ratio: 0.01- 20% its change every day. 
 Exchange Time: 15 Working Day
Its a Instantly exchange from Insta Global Pay to BTC 
 Ratio: 37% 
 Exchange Time: 5h - 24h Working Hours 

You Can visit 10 AM to 2 PM . 
Please note that Saturday & Sunday Our office Is closed. 
And Our Working Time 10 AM to 6 PM (GMT-4)
Our Online support 24 Hours Open. 
1. If you trying to fuse/ SCAM exchange submit 2 times you will be Banned. 
2. If you send Flashing money your account will be Banned. 
3. With reason; harassment chat operator your account will be Banned. 
4. If try to withdraw 2 times, you will be banned from site. Here you exchange not deposit. 
5. If you don't update your KYC. 
If IMP/IGP/SGP/Konnect Wallet don't give exchange we cant help you. 
That's the reason we refund your FUND.
Please note that some wallet need charge or fee
When we refund you; you will get rest amount after charge or wallet fee.  
You cant exchange IMP to IGP/SGP. 
Only You can IMP/IGP/SGP to BTC 
Then BTC to IMP/IGP/SGP/Skrill/ Perfect Money/ Paypal 
If you try 2 times you will be auto Banned from the Site.  

🌺IGP Wallet ID= IGP851275550
🌺Reference Code=  MARIA 11:11

🌺Ref must be on payment 

🌺Must have reference as above

🌺Make a *LIVE* video when sending - an actual LIVE video of sending

🌺make a screen shot of success page

🌺Make a video of sent page where it shows account deduction

🌺Forward Your IGP Confirmation Email to the email:

🌺anyone who does not follow procedures WILL NOT get payout

must to follow the procedure & Video send to (Sub: IGP video) 

Insta Global Pay/ Insta Merchant Pay/ Swift Global Pay/ International Global Pay to BTC 15 Working Day 
Perfect Money/Paypal to BTC 30 Minutes - 5 Hours
Neteller/skrill to BTC 30 Minutes - 5 Hours
NEXA Global Pay/konnectwallet to  BTC 20 Working Days. 

Note: IMP & Konnectwallet need extra time. if they don't exchange. And We put your money 24 for Observation (See Point 12) 
We are exchenger not sender & receiver. 
We are here to help you. Who already in loss & get SCAM 

Already in market we have good reputation. 
Some success Exchange, Some Cancel & few Refund 
We are here to Protect your MONEY. 

If you think we are fake or SCAM; Please don't deal with us. 
Thank You 
When you exchange 
We get some commission. 
As like we are middle man. 
If you submit wrong BTC Wallet Address 
Your Transaction or exchange will not done & also 
cant send you refund. Cos its you did WRONG. 

We don't share our clients details to others. 
You can see your facebook page Reviews. 

Some Flasher send money to the exchange 
We put your Money for Observation 
for anti SCAM/Flash Money.  
If you are banned from our website.
And want to unblock your account. 
You need to pay penalty. 
1st penalty = $500
2nd penalty = $1000
3rd penalty = $5000